Born in Florida, but having spent almost 20 years in the northeast, Lyn Vaughn is a combination of northern attitude and southern charm. She majored in Fashion Merchandising at Florida A & M University and worked in the fashion industry until her first child was born.

Although Lyn is a 30-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, her passion still runs deep through her creative side and her philanthropic activities. She has worked with Habitat for Humanity, rebuilding a home after Hurricane Katrina; volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida and she “silently” donates to numerous families in need across the central Florida area.

Lyn learned the life skills of financial management combined with a spirit of giving and the art of bouncing back, from being raised by a single mom. These skills brought Lyn through a tumultuous period when she lost the stability of her career in 2008. During her layoff, Lyn volunteered at the Zora Museum in Eatonville, FL and then subsequently rose to becoming the manager of the same team that she was downsized out of.

Lyn’s work with FIF began at it’s inception, where she donates time, articles of clothing and a decorative flair. She loves to transform things that are broken and make things beautiful on a budget. Through her volunteer work with FIF, Lyn hopes to bring a spark of fabulosity to each woman’s individual transformation and to the décor. Lyn is the proud mama of two adult sons.